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Ballscrew Actuator Repair

Clean, Inspection & Analysis

Probe Measuring Ball Nut Interior thread
  • Your ballscrew is dismantled and all parts are ultra-sonically cleaned and de-rusted
  • We take full digital image recordings to record the condition of each part
  • We use endoscope technology to assess the inside diameter of the ball nut
  • Our optical projection facility exams thread forms and dimensions to within 0.001mm accuracy
  • Full inspection and failure analysis
  • Information is recorded on file with a unique Job Number

Repair, Re-ball & Rebuild

  • We carefully re-ball your ballscrew a number of times to identify the optimum size to use often to within 0.0001 inch
  • Any damage to journals & raceways is machined in our workshop, shaft is straightened if required
  • We re-engineer any damaged or missing parts
  • We hold stocks of inserts, wipers and brushes and missing parts are replaced
  • Your ballscrew is re-assembled for final testing
  • Pre-load (if required) is set to DIN standard or as advised

Final Inspection & Testing

Probe Measuring Ball Nut Interior thread
  • Pre-load is tested to DIN standard
  • A forward and reverse Running Load Test is completed
  • Digital Torque Test completed
  • Straightness Test
  • Using our Vertical High Speed test rig we can test for endurance and running temperatures
  • Inspection & Repair Report available if required

Temporary Repair

Even if your ballscrew is beyond economic repair we are often able to complete a temporary repair which may keep your production running until a new replacement arrives – we call them ‘runners’.


What happens next?

We carefully pack your ballscrew in a nice, clean box, send it back to you by courier to your premises or your customer’s factory together with a no quibble 3 month warranty

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