May Blossom

May.. May..May – it’s been quite a month and the careful planning of election campaigns has been frustrated by all sorts from the down-right stupid to awful, awful tragedies.

This diary is about Brexit though and how it may affect our ballscrew business especially the ballscrew repair aspect.   Throughout the May Election Campaign we have learned nothing new from our politicians about what Brexit might mean to our engineering business and it continues to be unclear how Brexit might impact on ballscrew manufacturing and importing new ballscrews from further afield for replacement ballscrews.  It’s ironic that our politicians talk about ‘deal-making’ and getting a ‘good deal’ when (as a profession) politicians have very little experience of deal making – their skills lie more in the areas of facilitation, compromise and debating – not deal making.

Where are all the commercial people who have made a living from commercial negotiations?

So, we are one month on – and still Brexit negotiations have not even started almost a year after the referendum and what has this snap election achieved? Anything from a hung parliament through to the status quo or a marginally larger majority in Parliament for the Conservatives – makes one wonder

How much it has cost the tax payer?

How much ground and momentum have we lost in terms of the Brexit talks? And,

What it was all for?

Oh, and just in case you are wondering – remember that European Funded Technology Grant we were applying for?  Well after spending over 5 days solid in the bureaucracy of form filling and trying to justify the project in terms of jobs, cost savings and efficiencies I eventually gave up.  The final straw was being asked to fill in yet another 15 page form and send in 3 years of audited accounts – for a measly £4k grant.  You’ve got to be kidding!  So, we have decided to fund it ourselves and not have to carry the onerous burden imposed by the public sector and their audit trail – and we have these people in charge of Brexit!

This diary is written by Anne Ford, Managing Director of PGM Reball – the UK’s leading technical experts in ballscrew technology. We repair and refurbish ballscrews, manufacture special ballscrews and sell new ballscrews for machine tools.