Our own Precision Miniature Ballscrews

Key Features

Manufactured entirely in the UK from Stainless or Carbon Steels our Precision Miniature Ballscrews have an exceptionally high Load Rating and are made to Aerospace standards



“Gothic Arch” thread profile giving very favourable running characteristics at maximum axial loads – Carbon Steel Ballscrews hardened to 60 ± 2 HRC – Standard range starts from 8mm up to 16mm Shaft diameter


Stainless Steel version for optimum corrosion resistance and standard Carbon Steel for maximum hardness – Typical applications include Aerospace, Military, Robotics & Medical

Technical Specification

These are our Standard Technical Specifications for SAM, SCM and SEF.  The following tables show Dynamic and Static Load Ratings for Ballscrews made from Stainless or Carbon Steel.   Technical Speicifcations for other naterials such as Titanium or our custom designed Miniature Ground Ballscrews can be calculated and made available as part of the development project.

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We manufacture a range of Miniature Ground Ballscrews from 8×1 to 16×16 in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel specialising in short production runs for Food & Beverage and Aerospace sectors
Produced in 3 different versions as standard with or without a flange they feature an exceptionally high load rating to size ratio.  Bespoke designs can be manufactured and either designed in-house or made to print to AS9100 Rev D

Quality & Approvals

We are proud of our long association with aerospace customers and hold AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 as well as approvals from Westland Helicopters and Dunlop Aerospace.  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are currently working towards ISO 14001

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