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Our own Integrated Ballscrew

Key characteristics

Our compact lightweight single axis Integrated Ballscrew outperforms conventional spline or boxed ballscrew driven actuators and rivals hydraulic actuators in strength but has significant environmental advantages.  It takes takes axial and radial load simultaneously, is completely telescopic and is available in a variety of materials and sizes

Compact design - minimal weight
  • comparatively light when compared to conventional alternatives due to its compact nature making it particularly suitable for aerospace and automotive applications where space and weight are critical issues
  • allows for compact designs and dramatic space savings both in diameter and length with the advantage of a long telescopic reach
  • uses ballscrews as small as 4mm in diameter
High strength to size ratio
  • extremley high strength to size ratio
  • enhanced dynamic and static load capacities whilst maintaining the compact nature of the design
  • takes axial and radial load simultaneously
  • integrates a non-recirculating or recirculating ballscrew or ACME screw to a recirculating or non-recirculating linear ball spline for strength
Variable materials and coatings
  • can be supplied in a range of materials
    • stainless steel where resistance to corrosion is a critical requirement of application
    • titanium for weight saving
    • standard steel
  • optional Black Titanium coating for low friction low lubricant applications
  • optional Armoloy coating

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